Teatru si Viata – Lansare Antena 1

Call for AHIMSA – International AntiViolence Campaign

Ziua Internationala A Diversitatii Culturale, stire Antena 1 Pitesti

Ziua Internationala a Diversitatii Culturale celebrata de ApDI

“Teatru si Viata”, deplasare Timisoara! Stire Antena 1

“Teatru si Viata”, finalul Trainingului “Actor si Spect-Actor”, stire Antena 1

Welcome to the official webpage of the Association for Intercultural Dialog NGO

The aim of the Association for Intercultural Dialogue is to figure an education and a mentality in the spirit of the European values both for the young people and adults  through:

– promoting the democracy`s values;

– promoting the tolerance as the main democratic value;

– the fight against any kind of discrimination;

– understanding the role of diversity.

In order to achieve this aim, the Association performs the following activities:

– organizing courses, meetings, workshops, exhibitions, symposiums, artistic workshops (theatre, plastic arts etc.) to spread the knowledge about the Holocaust and its manifestation in art;

– achieving and editing books, magazines, flyers, posters, informal programs and other informative materials;

– organizing training courses, seminars, conferences and same other manifestations in the country and abroad in order to share the European culture needed to European citizenship;

– establishing and promoting collaboration relations with other similar associations as well as natural persons from the country and abroad in order to achieve the association`s aim;

– achieving partnership with legal and natural persons from the country and abroad for co-operative activities;

– other activities according to the law and the association`s aim.

ADI is member of the Romanian network of Anna Lindh Foundation:   http://www.annalindhfoundation.org/members/association-intercultural-dialogue