Walk In My Shoes -Erasmus + project 2021-2023

The purpose of the project is to forge an international synergy between 6 European organizations with the same needs –
Create a culture of diversity and equality, decrease intolerance, facilitate social inclusion of disadvantaged young people belonging to cultural minorities through arts, having as target
groups; youth workers, trainers, artists involved in youth education belonging to partners’ staff, as well as young people belonging to different cultural minority groups as the majority,
we propose a project having the following objectives:
1. To increase the professional capacity of non-governmental organizations working with disadvantaged people in the field of diversity through EU collaboration acquiring new
strategies and participatory methods of non-formal education to manage cultural diversity by means of 3 Short-term joint staff training
2. To promote diversity and equal chances through participatory arts organizing 2 Art Festivals – DIVERSITY FEST held in two consecutive years in each country
3. To strengthen the networking among partners developing a new learning e-tool – “WALK ON MY SHOES ”, a website as a true resource of international value presenting strategies
and methods which combat stereotypes, prejudices, discrimination, and social exclusion and create a culture of diversity and equal chances.

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