Empowerment Against Discrimination, Youth in Action Project

Empowering Against Discrimination

Association for Dialog Intercultural announces the beginning of the project Empowerment Against Discrimination  on the frame of Youth in Action programme, Action 4.3, project funding by European Union.- 2011-2012

The project “Empowerment Against Discrimination” (Action 4.3.) propose as main activity, a  training course which will take place to Curtea de Arges area,Romania, between 31 July and 7 August2011, with a number of  25 participants from promotorers countrie: Lithuania,Spain, Hungary, Bulgaria,Croatia , Czech Republic,Turkey and Romania.The objectives proposed are: 1:to develop the capacity of participants to use non-formal methods and human rights education for   personal development of the young from discriminated  groups; 2: to  acquire knowledge in order to sustain an advertising campaign against discrimination, to enhance tolerance and respect for cultural diversity; 3:to promote volunteerismas a necessary action to achieved activitie with young discriminated people The objectives will be achieved using non-formal methods such as : warm-up exercises, icebreakers, team-building,team-work games,  structured discussions,open discussion, carousel, presentation, storyboard, , role-playing, creative expression,gallery walk, brainstorming, fish ball.,  The training will capacity the participants to act as volunteers and to realize activities  for young people facing discrimination and also to enable them to reailze materials for  a publicity campaign against discrimination.  “Awareness Rising Campaign” will be launch(2012) by each promoter in his country in order to sensitize the public at large to the importance of the  tolerance in a united Europe. Also, each promoter will sent the best materials to Bucharest where Association For Intercultural Dialogue in collaboration with  its partners, The Ministry of Education, Research,Youth and Sports, Romanian National Commission for UNESCO and Romanian Institute for Human Rights will achieve a competition


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