Theater and Life, (2015-2016) NGOs FUND in Romania, SEEA Grants 2009-2014

Discrimination is a problem and the crisis inside the educational system doesn’t offer efficient methods of alternative education; through the project “Theater and  Life ” handled by APDI the students   from the target group belonging to the discriminated groups and to the majority will be able to reach the following objectives:

To realize the necessity of respecting human rights and the European democratic values

To experiment the active citizenship through volunteering  by means of specific ability development to the theater of oppressed

To encourage the participants involvement – both actors and spec-actors to combat the discrimination, the extremism and the hate speech through theatre

To stimulate the young people from the target group and to train them  as multipliers in order to promote  the social justice inside their high schools

By the means of this project , students from three beneficiary high schools will realize the necessity of respecting human rights and will take action when their rights or the others rights will be violated ; through their performances both them and the spec-actors will learn to take attitude against discrimination, against homophobia , racism , xenophobia, against the hate speech


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