What AHIMSA means ?

The central tenet is non-violence and love towards all living beings

Don’t strike,

Don’t harm,

Don’t kill

No injury by   deed,

No injury by word 

No injury by thought

Ahimsa is a central concept of all religions based on love

We need to apply it in the world we live in

a violent world where    the violence against women attains unimaginable levels

We are surrounded by

domestic and sexual violence, human trafficking, forced prostitution, sex slavery,  rape, honor killings, dowry murders, widow murders, femicide ,   female infanticide, forced marriage, pedophilic marriages, street harassment, whipping, stoning, beheading …

This is the world we live in


Join Us

Only together we can eliminate the violence against women and children!

Join us!

Together we’ll be strong!

From America to Australia

From Europe to Asia

From Africa to Antarctica

Strive for a harmonious world through non-violence!

Ending violence against women and children!



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