Association for Intercultural Dialogue  realized – HUMANIZATOR! a web TV   based on Citizen Journalism!

 Who wants may join us!

Also, young people from all over the world who have something to say contact us and your voice will be heard

We have the advantage of not being influenced  by any ideology or political orientation – this giving us a complete freedom of action and so having the opportunity of making people aware of the danger of the increasing intolerance, human rights violation, discrimination of so many vulnerable groups, injustice, and poverty.

This program is a form of citizen journalism which is to become the journalism of the future.

The idea of bringing people together encouraging them to share their opinions, experience  and attitudes  help them understand the fact that they are not alone , that they should be together this being a good way of solving or clarifying the problems and why not, a way of making the world a better place for all of us

Besides this, we intend to present the audience different subjects capable to help them improve their knowledge, to arise their cultural horizon or simply entertainment.

We entitled our broadcast HUMANIZATOR because we are all human beings and each human being must be respected and human dignity must be also respected due to the fact of belonging to humankind

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