LOVE DOESN’T HURT – Strategic partnership for youth

during transnational project meeting
Love doesn’t hurt

Love doesn’t hurt – a project about compassion, tolerance, inclusion and unconditional love
The KA2 Love doesn’t hurt project aims to reduce the violence and inequality that people face on their daily lives. Even though Europe is seen as one of the most egalitarian cultures, there are still a series of harsh realities that vulnerable groups deal with. Xenophobia, racism, domestic violence and stigma are just a few of the behaviors that still stain the European civilization, even in our day and age.
Representatives of six countries have decided to work together in order to break the status quo and bring people together. The organization BBJ Consult AG from Germany together with IN-Planet from Greece, Association for Intercultural Dialogue from Romania, BASD from Bulgaria, Euromedi Engineering from Spain and Tokat Economic Development from Turkey are working together in order to promote the universal Human Rights, help people coming from vulnerable groups to integrate, and tolerant attitudes in the societies they live in.
With a vast experience in project management, Human Rights activism and social inclusion, the six organizations involved in this project promise to put all of their knowledge, skills and abilities into making a long lasting change and improving the quality of life of the individuals. IN-Planet from Greece is an NGO that has worked in the last years in the field of youth work and social inclusion. Their various activities and workshops aimed at helping young people from disadvantaged groups to gain the skills necessary to integrate better on the job market.
The project “Love doesn’t hurt” will focus on helping people who went through domestic violence episodes to overcome their situation and become stable and independent both psychologically and financially. The first step is for the youth workers from each organization to meet and share with each other all the knowledge they have. This will happen during five short-term joint stuff training events that will start taking place this October.
After these meetings, each partner has the responsibility to prepare 10 working sessions with young people in order to share the information and instruments they gained in the first international training sessions. Another responsibility for the partners is to create specific campaigns in order to raise awareness regarding the domestic violence, social exclusion and gender based violence. These activities aim to involve people from disadvantaged groups in order to help spread the information among the communities that need it the most. Goal of the project is to create “Love doesn’t hurt TV” which is an online platform with the purpose of gathering all the information, skills and competences used in this project and make them accessible to all the youth workers and social change makers all over Europe.

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