Stand Against Bullying Through Arts

Erasmus project – Stand Against Bullying Through Arts

The Association of Intercultural Dialogue announces the launch of the European Project  “Against Bulling Through Arts”.  And because the Association for Intercultural Dialogue, since its founding, has collaborated with the National College “Vlaicu Vodã”, one of the partners of this project is C.NVV; the European partners are: BALKANSKA AGENCIYA ZA USTOYCHIVO RAZVITIE (Bulgaria), SILALES R. LAUKUVOS NORBERTO VELIAUS GIMNAZIJA (LITHUANIA), EUROMEDI ENGINEERING SL (Spain) and PUBLIC VOCATIONAL TRAINING INSTITUTE OF GLYFADA (Greece).

The project was born out of the need to take action against a phenomenon that is becoming increasingly worrying in the world – bullying.

That is why the Association for Intercultural Dialogue and the National College “Vlaicu Vodã” launched the appeal to take anti-bullying attitude through the project “STAND AGASINT BULLYING THROUGH ARTS”. Joined us : “Ferdinand” Technological High School, “Michal I” Technological Highschool “ Ferdinand ”  (Curtea de Arges), “Mihai Eminescu” National College, Octav Onicescu National College (Bucharest), “Mihai Eminescu” National College (Iasi).

We invite  other schools from Romania and abroad to join us!

“Stand Against Bulling Through Arts” aims to improve the professional capacity of each partner organization to acquire new non-formal strategies and methods to cope with intimidation, social exclusion and early school leaving, so participants will improve their skills and competencies such as: digital and communication skills, media literacy (during the development of the STAND AGASINT BULLYING THROUGH ARTS WEB TV ), key competences to prevent early harassment and early school leaving , develop social skills to facilitate social inclusion.  During the project time we will acquire new non-formal methods of participatory art (theater of the oppressed   , painting, cartoons, stencil graffiti, mail art) that they will be used  against bullying by changing attitudes and behaviors.

Students, teachers, trainers from 5 European countries will participate in the activities of the project: BULLYING MAKEOVER EVENTS, Art Festivals and develop citizenship journalism skills will cope with  bullying at WEB TV project – STANDING AGAINST BULLYING THROUGH ARTS

We are waiting for  you !

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