Youth in Action, A1.3b- Rehearsal for Life



The project “Rehearsal  for Life ” (Action 3.1.) propose as main activity, a  training course which will take place to Curtea de Arges, Romania, which will last 7 days,   between 1.02.2014 ( arrival date) and 9.02.2014 (departure date)  with a number of  27 participants from promoters   countries: UK, Latvia, Macedonia, Turkey, Lithuania, Azerbaijan, Moldova,  and Romania. The propose training course has the aim to enhance the capacity of civil society organizations in the youth field supports youth workers to acquire the necessary  competencies, especially in the field of non-formal learning,  to make the inclusion of  youth belonging to discriminated groups more effective and easier. The objectives  proposed are:

1.To increase the participants education for international   understanding, building a Culture of Human Rights  and to experience active citizenship using   the methods of non-formal  education for  the empowerment of the youth  from discriminated  groups they work with;

  1. To acquire knowledge, skills, abilities necessary for  using various forms of participatory arts  with which the participants will teach youth they work with to take action against discrimination, to promote tolerance  and respect for diversity.
  2. To promote voluntarism  as a necessary action    the participants acting as multipliers being capable to achieve  at least two performances in the field of participatory arts with young people they  work with  .

These  objectives will be achieved using both non-formal methods such as :  icebreakers, teamwork,  brainstorming, interactive lecture,  structured discussions, open discussion,debate, role play,  storyboard,storytelling, living library,  evaluation methods as well as non-formal methods used in  different forms of participatory arts- street animation, forum theater, flash mob.

The training will capacity the participants to act as volunteers and to realize at least two performances using different forms of  participatory arts  to make inclusion of young from discriminated groups more effective  and  easier and to build a culture of human rights.

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